Hackathon Meaning Good At All and Here Are the Things You Need to Know

Hackathon Meaning Good At All and Here Are the Things You Need to Know

You might think that Hackathon meaning good isn’t available at all. In other words, you are one of those who thinks this event doesn’t offer any good for the attendees that are usually involved in the event. That is just your opinion probably. In fact, many attendees claim that Hackathon is a good event that increases their knowledge, especially in computer programming segment. Perhaps, your hate of this event leads you not to know what Hackathon is in deeper explanation. Don’t worry about that because we will discuss it right here, right now. Thus, let’s get started first.

What is it?

To convince you Hackathon meaning good, we will explain what it is in a deep definition. Hackathon is also known as hack day, hack fest, or code fest. If you are thorough enough, you may notice that the word is a combination between Hack and Marathon. Literally, it is an event that relates to computer programming but in an event like a marathon. In other words, many programmers will compete in the team against another team to develop something in a period of time. Of course, the fastest team will be the winner eventually. An event may consist of only a subject theme or more. They will develop some software projects at a time. After all, we don’t find out where is the bad of Hackathon. Since it is a social event, there will be more supporting software projects that can be developed.

How to Make it Good

If you are still insisting no Hackathon meaning good, you should make it good, then. Luckily, we have summarized some patterns of a good and successful Hackathon event for you today. We know these patterns because we always got something special after running that event. Thus, it would be better if you know the pattern. First off, a weekend program could be managed properly rather than rushing two or three days only. In addition, pick a start from a weekend. Secondly, you may need experienced mentors or instructors. You should have at least one in order to manage the Hackathon in a proper way instead of first-timers.

Make it Thematic

Last but not least, you should make the event has a theme at least. This will give good impact to the attendees who are only working at one domain in their entire life. They could have introduced to a new domain. Of course, it would be fun than they thought before. Hopefully, those things may change your thoughts and get used to hackathon meaning good after all.


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