2 Best Hackathon Project Ideas For Better Surroundings

2 Best Hackathon Project Ideas For Better Surroundings

Today, we got some hackathon project ideas for better surroundings or environment near your living now. Hackathon could be your riding to create something useful for your life and environment. Moreover, some novices are hard to find some kind of inspirations and creations by the way. Thus, this article belongs to those as well. These apps can be your starting point in knowing the computer programming world deeper and further. On another hand, the experienced ones can take those as the examples to make even better projects in the future. These ideas are just our wild imaginations. Who knows it could be yours later in your next hackathon.

Alarm for Bike

This first one of Hackathon project ideas may sound obvious and normal. However, it is very useful for those who love their bike the most. However, we are not only referring to the security features here. It does work to lock the bike. But, an alarm will notice everyone who has heard the sound at the same time so that they can stop the thieves from their escape. Moreover, you can add a heartbeat monitor to make the alarm more sophisticated. It would alert the users when their heartbeat is going to explode. This is a better idea to improve your surroundings.

Coffee Machine

It is such a waste to let your coffee machine alone in your office. Why not we make it more functional like your smartphone? Yes, a smart coffee machine may sound perfect for this one of hackathon project ideas. This coffee machine can set the temperature of the water so that people who are using it will be able to choose their favorite coffee and water temperature at the same time. It would be a popular coffee machine in your office and even other offices. So, let’s start thinking how to make it happen.


Those are two hackathon project ideas that are able to improve your surroundings. Although they are only two ideas, not all developers have done one of them yet. Of course, this event is able to explore more ideas and creativities from its attendees. These projects are just a starting point by the way. You can freely modify and tweak them to the highest creations that you can do. If you are thorough enough, hackathons can be a perfect event when humans deal with new technology. We may look like hacking something but it is perfectly in a good way. In addition, those projects are also dealt with our environment.


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