Best Hackathon Project That Can Help Environment

Best Hackathon Project That Can Help Environment


We’ll show the best hackathon project but it isn’t a common project. There is no other thing that we can’t do but help the environment. Those projects may open our eyes to be more concerned about our environment deeper than before. But, those are just the examples so that you can have your own ideas and projects, which are similar to them. Based on our opinion, the projects can inspire newbie or novice programmers to be involved in the next hackathons soon. Without any words, here are the environmental projects that are the best so far.


The first best hackathon project that we have ever seen was launched two years ago at UC-Santa Cruz hackathon. The students became enthusiasts to fulfill the challenge. As a result, there are many apps that are helpful for our environment these days. For example, they have Plant Anywhere. This is a unique game since it employs the light and sensors of moisture in order to know whether or not a plant can be planted in your current area. Of course, it may help farmers as well in determining the plants. In addition, there is also an app called Team Jeanne, which will arouse someone not to forget about their medication in a certain time. It is such an alarm but works for medication purpose.

Green It

Green It is really representing the best hackathon project because it does help the users to communicate with the government. For your information, this is a product of Google from their hackathon in 2013 ago. The theme was Develop for Good. GDG Karachi is the developer of this product. It allows the black hole within citizens and government gone since it provides better, quick and interfaces to the users so that they can upvote a report quickly to the public officials. As we know, some countries in the world are getting a problem to interact with their citizens now. Perhaps, there will be more technology that you are able to develop starting from Green It.


Last but not least, the best hackathon project relates with the endangered Monarch Butterfly. For your information, the population of this butterfly just hits the lowest numbers in the last two decades until now. Thanks to the deforestation and climate change by the way. By using Monarchy, which won the 2014 SXSW Eco hackathon, will help the scientists and common people to know where they will move and how they will live. In addition, the users are also able to consider the best place for planting milkweed in their current location.


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