How to Get Some Hackathon Ideas For Mobile Games

How to Get Some Hackathon Ideas For Mobile Games

We are going to show you how to get some hackathon ideas for mobile games in this article. Moreover, we love following and watching hackathons because developers usually do unusual things with unusual software projects. As a result, we are able to summary some ideas that they have done so far. Perhaps, one of their ideas is already yours, and you didn’t know about that. Where else could we see some developers competing with APIs? We also include some tips on those ideas. Without further ado, let’s check out those ideas one by one.


Before starting one of those hackathon ideas for mobile games, it is preferred to check and understand the theme of the hackathon firstly. The importance of knowing the theme is to understand the boundaries for your mobile game idea. In other words, you are able to set the limitations of the games later such as the medieval backgrounds, sound, and much more. As we know, the mobile games that we can see on the app store are very broad and unlimited. Thus, a theme will help us sticking with the event and content somehow. Moreover, hackathon even usually offers non-profit mobile games.

Check Your Idea Twice

Once you come up with an idea, it will be better if you check it on other sources twice. This is necessary to make sure your idea is original or just improved other games. For example, you can check on the app store before getting started with your idea. Otherwise, improving the current game theme is also legal since your team doesn’t cross the line of copyrighting. The best search engine that you should go for the first place is Google. Search the things on your mind and find it on Google. Thus, you know where to start.

Don’t Limit Your Idea

The theme might limit your hackathon ideas for mobile games. However, it doesn’t mean you also limit your idea as well. You won’t know that a weird, impossible idea that you set aside before can be your main idea eventually. Moreover, this also works for the sources of the programming. People may start from APIs, and you shouldn’t always follow the common things. A good mobile game sometimes comes from unusual things or unusual programming. Hence, limiting your ideas don’t limit your creation and creativity for sure. Overall, those activities will improve your current idea to be broader without boundaries. It is your turn then to realize them.


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