Hackathon Hackers: The Good Side of Hacking

Hackathon Hackers: The Good Side of Hacking


Hackathon Hackers is the largest and biggest community of hackathon attendees on Facebook so far. This is a group that gathers them to discuss, chat, entertains new techs and everything related with the hackathon. At the time of this writing, this group has already had 50,000 more or fewer members. Meanwhile, the subgroups are more than 53 active subgroups actively. In this article, we are not going to share you how its growth among 2017, but also showing some positive things that we can take from them. If you are curious, you may also be one of their members as well.

How It Matters

It may seem an obvious question from you all that how come Hackathon Hackers can be something social good in this modern era? In addition, they are also a group of hackers. To answer this question, you should know the origin of hackathon first. For your information, this event was the initiative of some major companies in computers like Google, Microsoft, NASA, Yahoo! and the World Bank. This big group concerns with some disaster management that they can’t reach in details every day and they want to gather all experts to solve this problem. By conducting an event like a hackathon, this group offers the best solutions for daily issues like indicating initial activity that may lead to being crime, tracking some uncovered area that can be planted and any more.

Expanding the Wings

Deriving from hackathon events, many attendees start looking for a place where they can contact and connect each other even they cannot meet each other. Boom! Facebook group is the best place to do it. Then, they create Hackathon Hackers just like what we see now. Hacking is just expanding its wings right now. People might see it as bad thing back there. But, the world is trying to show the good and positive thing from hacking after all as you can see from this group. Even those major companies are supporting what they think well about hacking.


In conclusion, Hackathon Hackers is a change of hacking. It means that we see out of the box now about hacking. Luckily, this perspective has already been started by big companies like Google, Yahoo! or even Microsoft. It is just a new culture for hackers. They can do positive things now instead of cracking bank accounts or just hacking someone’s Facebook accounts. The best part is that they get paid for the brand as well.


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